Tobago Recap & New Favorite Bikini

For the past few days, I’ve been reminiscing about my vacation in Tobago and I rounded up my favorite pictures, places, outfits and one special sunset to share. The only swimwear I wore on this trip was Veranera. This two piece is the Rosa Nautica Triangle Bikini. I’ve linked it below and am naming it one of my favorites pieces of all time. I also spoke about my Veranera swimsuit picks in a previous post which you can read about here.

Rosa Nautica Triangle Bikini Top  |  Bikini Bottom

My family, boyfriend and myself flew to Trinidad where we then took a smaller plane to the little island of Tobago. It’s true what they say, the smallest places have the greatest finds. We stayed in the Rainbow Villa which wasn’t actually rainbow colored but was green!!!! Homes in the Caribbean are so colorful, my cousins live in a pink house and my grandma lives in a yellow house.

I spent more time outside of the Villa than in it, but there was nothing I appreciated more than the view I had from my bedroom balcony. We stayed at the top of a hill and it was well worth it.

One of my favorite places we visited was Store Bay, which was a beach with shops and fun things to do! The sand was warm, the water was warm, the vibes were good and the palm trees were just nice to look at. Since people always ask who captures these moments, its my mom! I guess photography is her hidden talent.

We even had time to visit Fort George! This part of the trip was a little historical, but the view was breathtaking! You can even see those colorful houses that I love so much. Fort George is at the top of a mountain and you can see all of Tobago and the coastline of Trinidad.

The last place we visited that I enjoyed was Pigeon Point. We took a trip on a glass boat with snorkeling, jet skiing, and swimming in a nylon pool. We saw fish, coral and stopped at a place called “no mans’ land.” I couldn’t have my camera out for these adventures but I did manage to get one perfect sunset that summed up the way I felt about this trip. 


Andrea Simone


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