Ahhh vacationing in a tropical island is the absolute best. Considering the temperature in New York, it was nice to get away and see beautiful beaches in the island of Tobago. Of course when you’re going somewhere like this, you need swimwear to impress and I had known over a month ago I was traveling with Veranera Swimwear only. I had tried their try before your buy service prior to choosing which suits I wanted, you can read about that here. I had decided on two swimsuits, the one I’m wearing here is the Boho Flight Bikini. You can shop the top here and the bottom here. I’ve received so many compliments and questions about this bathing suit, I thought I’d go ahead and share a little more.  When I had tried this suit on, I knew I’ll be wearing it on vacation because of the high quality. It held up nicely when I wore it and even my grandma complimented it (Granny’s normally a tough critic.) I’m mapping out my pick of swimsuits from Veranera including the one i’m seen in here. I have another swimsuit I wore from Veranera, but it’ll be on my vacation round up post coming out Tuesday!

P.S. If you’re looking for swimsuits that’ll let you try on in the midst of the chilly weather, Veranera is the place to shop! Once summer is over, its difficult to find something unique that you’ll actually enjoy, but shopping with them makes it so much easier!


Andrea Simone


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