What started out as an inspirational Euro trip in search for a career change, quickly turned into a near death experience that left Laura scarred in more ways than one. Once the worst was over,  she got the courage to travel again and attend her friend's Caribbean getaway wedding in the fall of 2016. Of the many things that she realized would make this trip difficult, and the thing that was hardest to swallow was the realization that she could no longer wear the bikinis that she loved so much. Determined to get her old life back, she made it her mission to find the perfect one piece that would make her feel as beautiful and confident as her bikinis once did. She quickly realized that buying cute swimwear in the fall in NYC is like finding a needle in a haystack. After an arduous search, she  eventually found the one, a red one-piece by Peixoto that looked and fit fabulously. Out of curiosity, she looked at the tag and it said “Made in Colombia”. She reminisced about growing up in Colombia and how easy it was to find amazing swimwear that offered quality craftsmanship and fit for a decent price. 

Living in NYC and having worked several years in investment banking, Laura knew she wanted to do something that would help promote local economic development in Colombia with a socially responsible approach. As the pieces of the puzzle started to come together, she realized she could give back to Colombia while helping her fellow New Yorkers find really great and unique swimwear without all of the shopping hassles. This was the beginning of Veranera Swimwear, an e-commerce solution that makes buying swimwear easy while  promoting and distributing brands by Colombian Designers in the US that are absolutely fabulous.


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