Destination Bali

As I peered out the window of my Manhattan flat, I was greeted with the site of sharp, crystal icicles that hung long from the window sill. Down on the busy streets, locals and tourists were strolling along Park Avenue, bundled from head to toe in their warmest attire. It is another freezing cold December in NYC. Inside my apartment, I was trying to channel anything but this exterior vision. I was preparing to check a box on my bucket list, a trip to Bali, Indonesia.

My suitcase was packed with chic flowy dresses, comfortable adventure footwear and oversize shades but I was in serious need of some swimwear. As a model and stylist, it’s my job to connect with brands who carry interesting pieces that tell a collaborative story. When my agent suggested that I meet the lovely ladies of Veranera Swimwear, I was excited for both professional and personal (my upcoming Bali trip!) reasons. It particularly peaked my interest when I heard that their pieces are sourced from Colombia, a place which I traveled to recently and absolutely fallen in love with. I had been impressed by many of their goods during my travels including Mochilas and various other handbag styles. The items I had bought in Colombia were top quality and Veranera Swimwear is no exception. The Veranera swim collection is a compilation of unique and stylish swimsuits authentic to the talented Colombian designers who created them. The collection really does have a suit for every occasion, which as an adventurer by nature, is essential. The Veranera home fitting room policy is clutch!…especially when it’s -5 degrees outside and finding a bathing suit store in the dead of winter can be challenging. It can also be a challenge to find vibrant colors and patterns during the NY winter when most city slickers are sporting black. Similar to the Warby Parker model, Veranera allows you to try 6 pieces from their designer swimwear collection and try them on in the comfort of your own home, with protective underwear provided by them of course! They have a large inventory in the states so there was no lag time in receiving these items, which was great for me being that my flight left in about 48 hours. The team is so friendly and accommodating and the experience was quick and fun. The result was 3 stunning swimsuits that were unique and special. They made me feel comfortable, confident and most importantly, prepared for my entire Bali itinerary.

Before I knew it, I was boarding the plane to our first stop, Hong Kong. Once we arrived in Bali, we visited 5 different towns; Jimbaran, Seminyak, Tulamben, Gili Trawangan (and Gili Air) and Ubud. Each location provided a vastly different experience with various adventures. Some of the highlights included, visiting the Kanto Lampo Waterfall, scuba diving the USS Liberty Shipwreck in Tulamben, partying on the beaches of Seminyak to ring in 2018 and sleeping in a treehouse and spending the day relaxing by the pool, overlooking the beautiful rice fields that are Ubud. I had a Veranera swimsuit for each occasion.

In Ubud I rocked the Color Block One Piece by Touché. I’m slightly obsessed with the back of this bathsuit among other things. The bright orange cross strips are a standout! The combination on this color blocked piece is perfection. To Kanto Lampo I wore the Cocoa Aloe Bikini by Peixoto. The color of this bikini is genius, a beautiful grey, slate, taupe mixture and the cut is sporty yet sexy with the cut out back bottom detail. Finally, and my most favorite for the purpose, I wore the Pink Block Bikini by Touché scuba diving in Tulamben. This sporty bikini almost looks like it could be a stylish wetsuit! It’s perfect for any watersports. It’s comfortable and conservative to allow optimal movement but still chic and stylish to wear as a fashion piece. Pictures are below, to see more, check out my IG below.


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