The Best Swimsuit Brands You Need to Know About

Seeking a sunshine remedy for this drab weather that's got you Down like Debbie? Well, Summer Sister you are not alone, and you can rest assured that your dreary condition presents the perfect opportunity for our Veranera cure: the best swimwear brands. So, take off that sweater, put down your pumpkin spice latte, and focus your mind on great summer fun and supreme summer finds. Come along for the ride to idyllic paradise as we explore the best bikini brands and, quite honestly, the best swimwear brands overall. See for yourself how these specific best swimwear brands can entice and enchant any Veranera Woman, who knows how to express herself without abandoning her fierce style or her chic comfort. Without further ado, let’s take a deep dive into three brands that evoke the summer spirit and the unmatched artistry of Colombian craftsmanship!

First up is the best surf’s up fun with Agua Bendita Swimwear. This company has been emanating with sheer feminine energy and fierce style since 2003. Wearing their sunshiny goodnesses are Veranera Women like you and many other summer goddesses like Bar Refaeli and Kendall Jenner, who have worked for founders Catalina Alvarez and Mariana Hinestroza in their Agua Bendita Swimwear campaigns. Agua Bendita Swimwear is one of the best swimwear brands because they combine exclusive fresh designs with the traditional artisanal workmanship handcrafted by hundreds of Indigenous Colombian craftswomen. The Colombian spirit soars with this brand and their designs reach the pinnacle of high-fashion.

More positive-uh-tea shall be spilt about Agua Bendita Swimwear since they circulate one of the best bikini brands. Agua Bendita Swimwear's bikini tops come in an array of styles ranging from bralette to bandeau to crop top to halter top to triangle. Many summer selections offer additional support with underwired tops, clasp and hook closures, and adjustable and over the shoulder straps. Agua Bendita Swimwear's bikini bottoms are just as diverse offering differing coverage including: cheeky, moderate, and full bottom. Better still are Agua Bendita Swimwear's unique fits ranging from American to Brazilian to Latin for their bikini bottoms and select one piece swimsuits. All Agua Bendita Swimwear comes in playful prints such as: animal, blurred, floral, geometric, mixed, pastel, and solid.

Agua Bendita Swimwear Spotlight:

Welcome to the best bikini brands stage Agua Bendita Swimwear’s Romina Leva Bikini Top and Avy Leva Bikini Bottom. Both pieces are designed in a lovely multicolor mix print. The bralette shirred front bikini top has puffed sleeves and presents the wearer with a flattering shape offering good coverage and needed support with an adjustable tie at the back. The reversible high-leg Brazilian cut style bottom puts the fun in multifunctional design.

Bikini Top

Need to decide on a decorative swimwear style that will best provide a platform for your chicest fashionable side and catch any onlooker’s eye? Well then, explore one of the best swimwear brands: Maaji Swimwear. Maaji Swimwear is a Colombian company established in 2003 by true Summer Sisters Amalia and Manuela Sierra, who, in 2017, were able to join their brand to the LVMH group. Maaji Swimwear propels researched high-quality-fit-and-feel sustainable fashion by sourcing new innovative Eco-friendly materials, fabrics, printing processes and dyeing techniques that are respected and practiced by their partners and suppliers. A majority of Maaji Swimwear looks are reversible offering a 4-way style for most of their bikinis and a 2-way style for their other fashion-forward pieces.

Now that I have piqued your Maaji Swimwear interest, let me dish about the more reasons why Maaji Swimwear is pure Maajic. Maaji Swimwear’s vibrant design style changes with many pieces having floral, solid, and mix prints. Maaji Swimwear’s bikini tops offer front shirring, adjustable hook and loop closure, underwire support, and have varying styles from bandeau, bralette, and triangle. Maaji Swimwear’s bikini bottoms offer cheeky, classic, and moderate coverage with differing low, mid, and high rise options. Maaji Swimwear is one of the best bikini brands and one of the best swimwear brands in general because its business model is all about conserving the planet. Many of Maaji Swimwear’s products are made either with recycled fibers, Polyamide-Spandex, or recycled polyamide. Feel free to reuse and recycle these looks for many summers to come. 

Maaji Swimwear Spotlight:

Maaji Swimwear has the fine title of best bikini brands with this particular show-stopping bikini set: the Cloud Blue Hyacinth Bikini Top and the Cloud Blue Hyacinth Bikini Bottom. The Maaji Swimwear top shows off Colombia’s beautiful flora with its reversible fabric mainly showcasing an orange floral print with baby-blue backdrop. For added comfort, enjoy the removable soft cups with additional adjustable over-the-shoulder straps and secure adjustable hook and loop. Take the sustainable plunge and dive into Maaji Swimwear: one of the best swimwear brands.

Maaji Bikini

Let’s have a look-see at brand number three: Touché Swimwear. Although lingerie has been Touché Swimwear’s mainstay since 1987, they were inspired in 2000 to craft the balnéaire: a high quality, distinctive, and exclusive beachwear line that flatters the feminine physique. Touché Swimwear’s pieces are made of lightweight materials, high quality textiles, and offer creative color combinations with different little accessories adorning some of their garments. Touché Swimwear’s color schemes range from floral, geometric, stripped, solid, and distinct color blocks. Touché Swimwear’s bikini tops come in a variety of styles from triangle to halter to bralette to bandeau. For added comfort, Touché Swimwear’s tops have adjustable over the shoulder straps, removable padded cups, and offer secure closure in the back. Touché Swimwear’s bikini bottoms offer moderate, cheeky, and Latin coverage with differing low, mid, and high rise options.

Touché Swimwear Spotlight:

Touché Swimwear’s ribbed textured white, black, and green Fifties Look Bikini Top and Fifties Look Bikini Bottom are a stellar bikini set for any poolside or ocean dweller. The bandeau top offers support with over the shoulder straps, and the bottom offers moderate coverage. Embody the nifty Fifties with this hip look. 

Touche Swimwear

Well, that’s all folks. It was fun peaking at select style pieces from Agua Bendita Swimwear, Maaji Swimwear, and Touché Swimwear. Remember, Veranera is the right cyber space to be an ace fashionista, who seeks to swap her autumn/winter barista for the title of Stylish Summer Sister!

By Marcelis Elizabeth Campo

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