Spicy Hot Summer 2023 Swimwear Trends

Summer 2022 is coming to an end and you are probably wondering, what’s next? Don’t you worry, here at Veranera we have done the work for you. To start off, every year, tons of brands and designers attend to international conferences that celebrate and create space for the best luxury designer swimwear in the world. Amongst these conferences, Colombian brands play a big role, and you can bet your bottom dollar that Veranera carries the best of the best Latin swimwear and more specifically the very best Colombian swimwear. These best luxury designer swimwear brands making a current global splash are: Agua Bendita, Ancora, Baobab, Encantadore, Maaji, Malai, Najash, OndadeMar, Peixoto, Touché, and Verde Limón. Eleven out of our eighteen luxury designer swimwear offerings isn’t too shabby if you ask us. So, sit tight Verababes and learn about the upcoming looks and trends summer 2023 is bringing to us.  

Agua Bendita one piece swimwear

Now, adventurous and fashion curious Verababes, we will leave the old ways of fashion far behind, let’s  explore the showroom floors of international swimwear conferences, which brought 2023 trends to 2022 shores. So, imagine bathing in the sun’s rays as your future self plays or plans to recline on a pool or beach chair dressed to impress in 2023 swimwear. Summer 2022 is coming to an end, but be open to the knowledge from the swimwear industry’s pros and get ready to bloom like a 2023 fashion-forward rose!

This upcoming summer will be all about how your favorite luxury designer swimwear makes you stand out and stand in front of trends that will become tried and true classics. In 2023, you will want to slay in women’s swimwear pieces crafted in crochet, or those that truly sparkle like swimwear rocking crystals. If you feel that less is more, then cutouts, sheer, mesh, or microkinis will be your best bets. Still, matching sets are always a go-to look as are bold prints, bright colors, and showy-flowy ruffles. Style lacks a bedtime, so many collections offer the flexibility of being worn in day and at night with sustainability and body-positivity in mind. The best resort wear was front and center as fun breathable cover ups, which pair up nicely with luxury bathing suits, were also on the line up beautifully shown in the conference of summertime play in Miami this past July.

Agua Bendita Crochet Dress

The right summer 2023 styles should bring you welcomed looks and friendly smiles as you stun in the summer sun making connections that extend to the natural world.. Summer 2023 will be all about celebrating Mother Nature. So, many of next year’s summer swimwear trends craft their style inspiration from natural textures, design schemes, and beautiful color schemes that bring the protection of nature to the forefront. When you think of summer 2023, imagine being that Eco-friendly someone that chooses to wear luxury designer swimwear that is rooted in the planet’s protection and your display of individuality.

Baobab Kiara Dress

Additionally, make King Triton proud when rocking mermaid-inspired luxury designer swimwear that has the shape and design of shells and shows off the beautiful hand-craftsmanship that only luxury designer swimwear offers. We know that under the sea is a certain crab’s dream, but what about summer 2023 color schemes? Well, summer 2023 will offer bold yet muted colors from pink’s hottest hues to lime green to brilliant orange to earthy and mocha browns. Still, you best believe that the hottest summer 2023 trend is confidence.

Verababes know that the name of the summer 2023 style game is “have no shame.” We here at Veranera support you and your style choices so don’t resort to playing small. We hope you enjoyed our 2023 trends recap. With these fashionably early tips, you will have a smile while confidently slaying at any beach, pool, or yacht party in summer 2023.

 By Marcelis Elizabeth Campo

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