PuntaMar: The New Brand that Joined The Veranera Team

Wow! I am absolutely speechless about the PuntaMar collection. The avant-garde and versatile style of this swimwear is the future of swim. The founders strive to redefine the concept of swimwear today by making it something, not only to swim and lounge in, but attire that women can wear during their daily lives. You can just throw on a pair of high-waisted shorts or jeans and you have a unique outfit that will definitely have people asking, “I love your outfit. Where did you get it?” Or if you want to dress it up a little bit throw on a nice skirt or dress pants. Regardless, whether you wear PuntaMar to the beach, pool, or during your daily life you are bound to receive compliments.

You may be asking now, “How was this idea even conceived?” Well, this brilliant redefinition of swimwear was born when two cousins from Colombia had a dream and passion for fashion. They wanted to change the swim industry and mold it into something more elegant and adaptable. Their high quality garments are produced with top of the line textiles and intricate stitching that guarantees comfort.

Now that PuntaMar Swimwear has been explained the question is: What can PuntaMar bring to Veranera? Veranera is committed to offer clients brands and designs that align with their core values and standards. PuntaMar meets each and every core value and standard including, ingenuity design, female empowerment, and cultural inspiration- just to name a few. Because both companies have the same ethics and high standards, adding PuntaMar as a vendor is a ‘match made in heaven’.

I highly recommend purchasing their garments. I absolutely love every style in the collection, but if I had to choose two that were my favorite they would have to be Vera (Psycored) and Resa (Ivory). The asymmetrical cut of the Vera is edgy and bold, making it a statement piece that shows one’s confidence. The use of blocking the colors allow for one to focus on the design and wearer rather than be distracted by some rambunctious pattern. The Resa is a very feminine and sexy cut with an open back. It is revealing in just the right spots, yet conservative enough to wear without flashing too much skin. The reversible aspect is just another perk of purchasing it because essentially it is two swimsuits in one.

So head on over to the PuntaMar collection right now to make your purchase. I promise there will be no regrets!


April Adams

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Awesome post! Just checked out the collection and will definitely be buying some pieces for my upcoming spring break vacation!!

Tamara Dolder February 25, 2019

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