Different Types Of Cheeky Bikini Bottoms

Cheeky bikini bottoms are all about showing the ‘cheeks’. The reason behind their such hype is the fact that they are extremely flattering, offer less coverage than the traditional two-piece swimsuit, and are exceptionally sexy. The best reason to go for a swimsuit that has a cheeky bikini bottom is the appearance of round and perky bums. These bottoms, due to their curved cutout shape, highlight the opposing curve of your bum cheeks from the backside of the swimsuit. This also gives a sight of a beautiful and sexy bum. So all the ladies who are confident about their bum shape can try wearing a cheeky bikini bottom and witness the difference. There are three types of swimsuits that have cheeky bottoms. Here are all three of them as per the coverage.

Thong Bikini Bottoms

Every woman desires to wear a thong bikini bottom once in her life, no matter what her body shape is. Basically, these bottoms are for women who want minimal coverage. This type of cheeky bikini bottom is generally referred to as Brazilian cut. It offers almost no tan lines and maximum appeal. This bikini bottom is definitely the one to go for if you are out with your girlfriends or on a beach date with your boyfriend. Most of the women have a tendency to focus on their body image rather than their swimsuit. This is why you should go for swimsuits that fits your body, to look good and feel good. Choosing a fantastic bikini bottom for yourself will make you look confident and feel comfortable Such swim bottoms are best found on shopping sites like Veranera. So if you are wanting to feel sexy then sign up for this site today!

True Cheeky Cut Swimsuit Bottoms

The true cut is a type of swimsuit bottom that falls somewhere between a thong and full coverage bottoms. It offers comforting coverage to women of all shapes and sizes. Agua Bendita bikinis have true cut cheeky bottoms. These bikinis are a perfect blend of sexy and comfortable types of swimsuits. Whether you are a newbie at buying swimsuits or have full stock, true cut cheeky bikini bottoms are a staple for your beach wardrobe. They are perfect for every beach party. The bottoms will never let you down and give you a flattering look. So what are you waiting for? Do not miss the chance of wearing a comforting swimsuit that is extremely sexy. Buy them now!

Moderate Coverage Cheeky Bottoms

The last category of the cheeky bikini bottoms involves moderate coverage. To your surprise, these bottoms are cheeky as well as provide ample coverage. They are the most classic type of swimsuit bottoms to go for. And if you are looking for a top to pair along with them, halter bikini tops are what you need. They provide you a sleek look along with being cheeky and keeping you up a notch. So if you are a fan of swimwear that is sexy as well as alluring, online shops like Veranera are the place to stop by. Go and shop now!

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