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Try Before You Buy With Veranera Swimwear

Yes its October, yes i’m in a bathing suit and yes I’ll tell you why. Summer was coming to a close and I’d just begun planning my vacations for the end of this year. I’m taking a mini trip to see my best friend in Boston, and I’m taking another trip to Trinidad & Tobago, staying in the cutest villa, with my boyfriend + family. Realizing swimsuit season was over, I headed to the stores to find a cute bikini, because trying on is a must, and I found nothing… I told myself I’d just have to settle and order online ( I really didn’t want too ) that is until I found a trendy New York based online swimwear shop, Veranera. The reason I’m wearing this suit right now, in the comfort of my own home, is because I’m trying out their “Try Before You Buy” swimwear service called the “Home Fitting Room Shopping Experience”. The title speaks for itself but you can pick out 6 pieces and have it shipped to your house for free. Once you have the pieces, try them on. Veranera takes extra precautions with hygiene, so you can be assured everything you’re wearing is safe. After trying on, you can purchase the pieces you want and return the ones you don’t want for free! Here’s my problem with not trying on bathing suits before I purchase…the fit will never be right. I’m a petite girl with a tiny body, but sizing fluctuates. So I just got my Veranerapackage, I’ve tried on, I’ve chosen the ones I want and I’m sharing a sneak peak with the suit I’m wearing here. Also if you all are wondering, this is a shop carrying some luxurious and exotic styles from established up-and-coming Colombian designers that’ll leave you wanting more.

I’ve browsed through their website more times that I can count (mostly because I wanted everything) and I’ve chosen my favs! I love this Abstract Crush Bikini, obviously because Im wearing it, you can shop the top here+ the bottom here. I rarely wear one pieces, but you might see me wearing this or this on vacation. This piece gives me life, and this piece makes me want to book another vacation. Ahh I haven’t been this excited about bathing suits in a while. Highly recommending their at home service with stars. To all my friends, family, and blogger babes, let me know if you try this out!!


Andrea Simone


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