Elevate Your Summer Style With High Waisted Bikinis

Verababes are style goddesses that put all other fashionistas to shame. Why? Arrogance isn’t to blame. It’s just that Verababes know that the Veranera name presents a gold standard for high fashion with a sustainable mindset as our shop brings to those flawless fingertips the best Colombian swimwear and the best resort wear options, which add wonder and awe to any Verababe’s unique style. Enough about us, let’s get our fave Verababes ready to rock and stroll through tropical streets swaying to sunshine beats once the temperature heats up this upcoming summertime. Drum roll please as we welcome on a deck, poolside, or tropical locale that beach Verababe who has all tongues wagging, eyes peeping, and jaws dropping because of her great high waisted style. Yes, Verababes, we here at Veranera know that you seek to be that chic miss whose skin is sun kissed and body blessed by showing off any of our best Colombian swimwear and best resort wear high waisted options: high waisted skirts, high waisted pants, and high waisted swimwear. However, the star of this high waisted spotlight will be some of our high waisted bikini options, which are all truly volcanic fire. Veranera is home to the best Colombian swimwear and the best Colombian bikinis that always bring confident smiles to a Verababe’s face as she travels from place to place. So, trust us, Verababes, high waisted bikinis are a must this summer because they do things that matter—flatter every body type, bring on the onlooker’s jealous chatter, and have you looking like a fresh snack on a silver platter. Come unleash your fierce-fashion fire and mix and match bikini tops and bottoms, if you so desire.

  Are you summer sweet and your bod and torso petite? Then you will really enjoy the look and feel of this first high waisted bikini, which puts the spotlight on everyone’s favorite button: the belly one. We love the form-fitting looks from Touché: the great Colombian swimwear and best resort wear brand that makes top of the line Colombian bikinis. Touché knows how to leave Verababes feeling confident and happy. Touché’s Canary Bikini Bottom is a high waisted swimwear look that takes first place in fashions’ great style book. This look ranks as one of the best Colombian bikinis because it is a fully lined bikini bottom that offers moderate coverage with a fun yellow color that truly outshines the sun. Once the weather warms, be warned Verababes that you’ll get swarmed with compliments for rocking this best Colombian swimwear and more specifically one of the best Colombian bikinis found here at Veranera. The bees will be buzzin’ with envy as you add two black mainstays from the maker of the best Colombian bikinis and one of our fave Colombian swimwear brands: Ancora. Ancora’s Art Deco Bolero Black Bikini Top absolutely stuns, Vera-huns! With its chic gold-plated accessories, artful top beautifully crafted with boleros, and soft removable cups, this top will have you getting looks non-stop and Ancora adds a sweet cherry on-top as this bikini top was made with EKO®FIBERS, which are fashioned from recycled bottles. Now, onto bikini top number two. Ancora’s Miss Bella Black Bikini Top is chic too and Eco-friendly since it is also made with EKO®FIBERS. However, it creates a more subtle look with its fixed cup top with balconette neckline and cute adjustable strap ruffle design.

Have an elongated torso? You’ll still look like a morsel in this next high waisted bikini bottom, which just lightly highlights the human heart’s shield: the ribcage. If you want to look fiercely fine and totally divine come summertime, know that this look is a true-blue boss (Vera)babe find. Hopefully, only your fashion sense feels as blue as this next beautiful solid light blue hue brought to you by one of the best examples of great high waisted bikini options and one of the best Colombian swimwear brands: Agua Bendita. This fine example of the best of the best Colombian bikinis and high waisted bikini styles is called the Alicia Tunisia Bikini Bottom. This look spices things up with its Latin coverage and screams chic with its belt hoops and artsy floral adjustable belt strap. Get the matching light blue floral bandeau Lucille Tunisia Bikini Top with artsy yet functional bralette tie knot, comfy adjustable over the shoulder straps, and with the added security of an adjustable closure at the back. With this lovely high waisted bikini bottom piece, you shall look and feel cool as you outdo the rich blue hues seen in the sparkling sea or in a backyard or resort pool. 

We love offering the best Colombian bikinis and the best Colombian swimwear out there. This next look screams elite Colombian swimwear and also proves that it is one of the best Colombian bikinis around. Welcome to the stage another fierce high waisted bikini bottom look: Agua Bendita’s Isabella Bikini Bottom. This front tie knot solid pink fuchsia with soft seamless fabric offers Latin coverage and legs for days, honey. Pair this look with Ancora’s white Miss Bella Ivory Bikini Top, which is a fixed cup top with balconette neckline and ruffles on the adjustable straps. You’ll gain high marks and kind remarks as you make a spark and shine in this high waisted bikini.

Finally, Verababes, you can get rid of that old and cold wintry dread by planing ahead and turning heads with these great high waisted Colombian bikinis. Our lovely Verababes love variety and we offer just that with all our featured pieces placed throughout our virtual shop, which has unique style options, various fits, and different looks ranging in price. All our Veranera styles highlight the fine artistry of the most elite Colombian swimwear, top Colombian bikinis, and best resort wear brands that focus on preserving quality, as well as the environment, and on crafting every garment with care and beauty. Verababes everywhere find these pieces nice to look at, to wear, and to pair!

By Marcelis Elizabeth Campo

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