How Can Halter Bikini Tops Make You Stand Out?

The traditional triangle bikini top is a must have in every woman’s wardrobe. The reason behind the popularity of this bikini top is the fact that it can be worn in various ways and yet it never goes out of style. You can count on a halter bikini top any day. 

There are several ways in which a triangle shaped bikini top can be worn, here are some amazing that can help you do the same.

The Scoop Neck

Scoop neck is one of the easiest ways to go for. It brings back the fresh look of the halter bikini top by making it appear like a whole new swimsuit. The scoop neck neither hampers the coverage nor does it disturb the process of tying. In order to achieve the look of a scoop neck rotate the halter top upside down. This will make the triangle top face the floor. Now tie the straps around the neck that was originally situated under the bust and tie the other strap which was around the neck, around your back. Now adjust the triangle shape depending on the coverage you wish to get and enjoy this look on a summer day.

The Bandeau

If you are willing to minimize the tan lines and enhance your cleavage then bandeau is your thing. A halter bikini top can be transformed into a bandeau in a few simple steps. Lay your top on the bed and slide the triangles close together leaving some gap. Now tie the strap which was under the bust into a knot in order to create a small triangle on both sides of the circle and secure them properly. And you are done. Your sexy bandeau out of this triangle shaped bikini top is ready. 

The Upside Down Top

Social media platforms are blown away with ample upside down bikini top trends. Therefore why not try this at home for yourself? This style can help you maximize cleavage and create a jaw dropping effect. Start with securing the strap that was under the chest behind your back. Now overlap the chest straps on your chest and pull them tight in the opposite directions. This will let the straps come closer together. Once these two strings are close you can secure them behind your back and adjust the triangles behind depending on the coverage you need. These tops can be best paired with scrunch bikini bottoms. So do give it a try.

Strap On Shoulders

The halter bikini top has straps that are mostly on the neck. And this might be a bit hurtful for women with heavy breasts. In order to alleviate the pain, place the straps over the shoulders and secure them by simply tying knots under the busts. Doing this before wearing the top is much better than tying the straps after wearing it. Do not overdo any of these hacks by mixing them with any two of them. Have a great beach or pool day!

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