Entreaguas Wearable Art

Entreaguas has been creating unique swim and resort pieces for several years by combining traditional handcrafting and dyeing techniques with the wise and caring hands of single mother artisans. Natalia Botero, the CEO and creative director of Entreaguas, started to materialize her creative passion in proposals for costumes and works of art. Art and fashion have always been latent in her. Then after a while she started creating swimwear where she saw an opportunity to continue creating art that could be worn. Each garment goes through a process of designing, weaving, and dyeing. 

Each of Entreaguas’ pieces are made with the knowledge and care of local artisans. These Mother’s and artisans are all part of the Entreaguas Fundación a non-profit organization created in Colombia in 2014, with the objective of improving the life quality of their artisans, single mothers, people with physical and mental disabilities and young people in the process of reintegrating society. Entreaguas Wearable Art comes alive thanks to the hands and care of each of these talented artisans. They use their expert hands to craft and weave intricate macramé garments and inspire us all with their live stories. For this and for much more, they are the main inspiration of Entreaguas’ dream: To give the opportunity to have a sustainable income through the Foundation. Entreaguas believes in the social commitment and that learning and growth comes when you share it with those around you.

Hope you enjoyed reading about Entreaguas!

Laura Velasquez

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