A Bikini Top that Doubles as a Sports Bra

If there’s one thing that moving to Manhattan has taught me, it’s how to stretch an outfit! This is for a multitude of reasons, first and foremost my closest size immediately shrunk to less than a quarter of the size it once was. I was fairly concerned about this upon moving here, it certainly didn’t sway my decision ,but it did force me to pair down and purge things that I no longer wore. Along with this came a new level of inner freedom I had never felt before. I had recognized just shortly after the move just how good it felt to know I didn’t need nearly what I once thought I did.

The 2nd obvious reason for my new ‘simple’ closet…SHOPPING!! A habit I often tried to extricate myself from in past years. Fortunately or unfortunately (I still go back and forth with this one) the increase in daily living costs in this city has left me no choice but to reevaluate my shopping budget. While this was nearly torturous at first walking the street of SoHo in the spring drooling over window displays of shinny new things, it has also become much easier in time and leads me to my 3rd point...

These two changes in lifestyle have inspired me to become more creative as I pair together outfits.  Additionally, as I’ve dabbled in some styling as well, I’ve become much more resourceful. The diverse selection of Veranera is of the many reasons why I turn to them! Many of there pieces have doubled  as pieces that I’ve styled with outfits and that’s something I can really appreciate!

During my most recent trip to Bali, I spent many mornings at the Yoga Barn in Ubud. I would always wear the Touché slate color top with various yoga pants. I received so many compliments! The cutout detail is sexy and sporty yet supportive. It now duals as my favorite bikini and sports bra! I would say that’s getting your moneys worth!

I also am a big fan of festivals and there’s no better festival top than a bikini top! I’ve done this several times under camis or a ripped graphic tee shirt to provide a pop of color underneath. It’s easy, comfortable, and I’m ready for the pool after after a long, hot, fun filled day of music! 



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