Maaji was born in Colombia in 2003 by sisters Amalia and Manuela Sierra, and in 2017, the brand joined the LVMH group. The swimwear brand has been constantly leveraging on the latest research and development innovations as they are working with partners and suppliers to source new eco-friendly materials, fabrics, printing processes and dyeing techniques while maintaining high design standards for quality, fit and feel. Since the beginning, Maaji has been creating swimwear in a Maajical way. Each garment has an incredible, comfortable and enchanting fit, the brand proudly offers endless possibilities of styles as most of their pieces are reversible, which means you get 2 looks in 1. By having reversible pieces, they help reduce water, energy, CO2 emissions, and overconsumption, that is sustainability. Maaji has a signature style, is a 4-way style that not only looks and feels good, but because they are literally 4 suits in 1, they allow you to do more with less, supporting a more sustainable conscious lifestyle. Choose your style, mix & match, reverse it or bring the top from the front to the back. Maaji is creating pieces so that any women can create any look in every possible way. Maaji wants you to pack light for your next getaway adventure!