Style Your Summer Outfits for Perfect Fall Looks

The end of summer always seems like a real bummer. However, a Veranera Woman courageously brings along sunshine and gold-standard design to any and every climate. This brief guide will have you swapping the usual muted autumn bleak to liberating fall chic. As you read along, enjoy and explore the metamorphosis of hot-simmering summer looks to cool-stylish fall outfits. Fall is here, and you will fall in love with these Veranera pieces and bags that will bring the complimentary, “Aww Damn!” to autumn. 

One Summer Blessing For Cool Weather Dressing

Fall outfits and fall looks allow for a dip into a chic chick’s darker moods and tones. When the weather is a little milder as can happen in autumn, show off Agua Bendita’s summer dress Bali Dust. This black long dress can be paired with a nice sleek black blazer so that you have the option of slipping it off and showing off the beautiful detailing of this once coveted summer dress. Impress all eyes with this playful piece that is one of the most stylish long dresses because of its mild revealing nature, its twisted knots detail at the front, its double keyhole, and its square back. Top off the chicness of one of the best fall looks by gliding into a room in nice black ballet flats or black closed-toe kitten heels. Bags are always in season and so too conscious shopping and sustainable practices. You can get one of the best bags by finishing off this look with one of Najash’s newer bags the Mochila Wayuu Soul Black. You’ll receive one of these unlined bags, which have handwoven glass beaded pieces and an artisan design of beautiful lace closure and the usage of the fine crochet technique, which has been passed down by indigenous Colombian communities for hundreds of years.

Agua Bendita SwiwmearBlack handbag 

Selection Two Calls For A Fun Dress For You

Although we gave the summer dress a rest, express your fall fierceness with one of the best long dresses. Do just that in Malai’s Bio Nature Groovy Maxi Dress. This is one of the best long dresses that has the right shade of pink to be in sync with the quiet colors of autumn. This summer dress can get an upgrade with a white, beige, pink, or black cardigan due to its over the shoulder straps. This nice maxi length dress can still show off your autumn best be being additionally paired with black tights, or your favorite pair of black skinny jeans. You can dress up your feet in casual white or black sneakers, or with a nice black or brown boot. The cherry on top of this fun look would be the addition of one of the best bags. Welcome again Najash and the new addition to their line of bags the Mini Mochila Shiliwaiya Black. This again is one of the universal bags that are handmade using the fine crochet technique and has a nice lace closure all designed and crafted by indigenous communities in Colombia. 

Long dress malai

Black Mochila 

Look Three May Cause Some Envy

This fall calls for one of the most versatile fall looks. Cover up with this great resort wear cover up by Touché nicely named the Khloe Cover Up. Navy and dark blue are acceptable hues in autumn, so this cover up knows what’s up. Even though this cover up can be styled as a long dress, its loose fitting kimono style with front closure straps, medium length sleeves, and small openings make it airy and elegant; so that it can be paired with a nice fitted black or brown sweater or turtle neck. You can wear a nice pair of navy or black skinny jeans and finish this cover up look with ankle or mid-calf black or brown boots or black tennis shoes. As always, the best fall outfits can be upgraded with stylish bags. Najash never disappoints with its bags and the Mini Kamentsa Gold Bag upgrades all fall looks and fall outfits including this cover up because it dresses it up infinitely. Crafted by the indigenous Kamentsa community, this crossbody bag has handwoven glass beaded pieces, is fully lined, closes with a magnet, and has zamak hardware plated in 24k gold. Be the best autumn cutie in this cover up beauty.

 Long black cover up ToucheGold Handbag

Dance and Prance In These Fall Pants

On the lookout for fall looks and fall outfits that scream casual but fun? Well, hun, you’ve come to the right cyber space. Make way for the best way to slay in this fashion climate with great transformational resort wear. Malai’s Green Indian Soul Homy Pants are the high waisted long printed pants that your soul has been searching for to add some color to any black, white, or brown oversized sweater, or medium or long cardigan with added short-sleeve or sleeveless top. The ties on the ankles and slits on the sides make a perfect excuse to spruce up your look with white or black tennis shoes. These pants offer optimal comfort if you have to meander about town as they provide a relaxed fit, ruched detail on the waist, and nice breathable soft lightweight fabric.

high waisted green pants

Jive and Come Alive With Look Number Five

Okay, what if your mood calls for transporting your more muted summer resort wear into the traditional look and feel of fall outfits? Luckily for you, this next resort wear trend will have you displaying your love of the beauty of fall leaves. Encantadore’s Alma Mompox Pants guide your summer resort wear into a very enviable autumn expression. With its black background and floral detail that makes this one of the best fall looks and worthwhile fall outfits, you’ll love to pair these high waisted long printed pants with a nice black, beige, or white turtleneck. Still, if you care to show off the nice firm relaxed fit and the way it ties at the waist, you can always have a cute sleeveless top with added black, brown, or white cardigan. Additionally, the appeal of these pants also comes from their being made from soft lightweight fabric. You can finish off this piece’s many fall looks with a white, black, or brown ankle boot or if you’re feeling like Sporty Spice wear black, brown, or white sneakers. Top off one of this autumn’s best fall looks with Maaji’s Sienna Skin Bucket Hat. This reversible bucket hat would best be showcased by displaying its reversible fun brown animal print as opposed to the flippable white. This fitted polyester hat has nice printed lining and most importantly provides a cute way to cover up your regal dome on your way to the market or your favorite cafe.

Long resort pantsBucket hat

Our wardrobes live with us every season because they are priceless pieces that express our best selves. A tried and true Veranera Woman knows that all of Veranera selections are not just throw away pieces but are artisanal pieces made with love and a purpose to help indigenous communities in Columbia. Everything is conscientious eye candy from summer feel-good swimwear to fall wearable resort wear. Everything offered has a delicate beauty, sustainable element, and a timeless quality to best ignite the senses and address every Veranera Woman as best dressed throughout every season!

By Marcelis Elizabeth Campo

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