MALAI. The Happy Bikini!

Veranera is excited to introduce Malai Swimwear to our amazing collection of Colombian swimwear designers.

Get to know this designer who shares energy transformed in happy garments that are full of story!

When you design a product for the best moments of life the challenge is bigger than just being passionate about prints, colors and silhouettes. It goes beyond offering the best quality, it becomes a bigger challenge, a task of being able to put your soul in it and communicate it so strong and clear that you can feel it.

We live in Colombia, one of the happiest places in the world. A place with exuberant nature, with a mixture of races and cultures and full of passion. Our garments are designed by happy and brave women. They are made by hands that weave this country with joy.

The MALAI team is full of special people! We are a happy company of inspiring individuals. Every stitch, every detail, every box we seal to ship elsewhere carries with it our best energy. In MALAI, we love what we do and we have fun doing it. We have decided to make a difference, in MALAI we don’t just want to sell seasonal clothes but also unlimited color and exquisite garments that will be at your side for a long time. We are accomplices of the sand and the water to make your dreams fly.

We are people that celebrate life when we wake up, we love living! We get to MALAI in order to meet challenges, to work on what we know and love to do best. To grow in everything we are talented for, in what keeps us interested, awake, excited and always meaning to do more… to be more!

Together we take great care of our energy, we work to keep it flowing with good vibrations that inspire us while we create. Maybe that is why everything we do is transformed into a unique result, a beautiful portrait of the synergy that is our teams essence. Our clothes carry happiness, satisfaction, and joy. You will be part of this chain as you will for sure love wearing them.

Our MALAI house is a reflection of our own life. We are healthy and creative people with a young spirit. We see the years as a collection of experiences and we are connected with our mission: “Creating and Sharing Happiness”.

Our passion is so powerful and deep that it radiates all around. Anyone who experiences MALAI, carry in addition to our design the added value of the joy with which we design and make each garment. We sell our energy and story in each product.

We are the soul of MALAI because the best energy flows here!

Your eyes can see it and your body can feel it in our happy bikini!

MALAI. The Happy Bikini!

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