Loving These 2022 Bag Trends

Our tongues are wagging and our jaws are dropping considering all the ways you can display our magnificent arm candies: our Veranera handbags. We here at Veranera give you a reason to fall in love with this climate and all the ways you can amplify your autumn looks with our women’s handbags. Read along, and deep dive into the best bag trends. From bohemian style bags to crochet bags, our shop proves that our summer bags are ready for any and every season because true style lacks an expiration date. Watch your step as we take you for a style ride through the beautiful safari of (you guessed it) women’s handbags. Every Veranera woman is fashion-forward, so even though we’re in it don’t fall behind on the best bags and bag trends of 2022.

We here at Veranera do not discriminate and love all bag trends; however, we must confess that we do adore a good bohemian style bag. Here, we present one of our more spicy red-hot women’s handbags: the Mochila Wayuu Kamsa Wine by Najash. This is one of our best summer bags, which nicely transitions into one of the best bags and bag trends because of its durability and craftsmanship. The natural textures are fun to touch and offer a relaxed look along with the security of carrying your essentials throughout a busy or laid back day by being fully lined. Most importantly, the body and drawstring closure with playful pompons were fashioned by indigenous northeastern Colombian artisans from the La Guajira region; and, the artisanal strap was crafted by the indigenous southwestern Colombian community Kamentsa. This bag also sparkles with Zamak hardware gold plated 24k. Can I get a smile of cheese with this wine?


Do you hear that Summer Sister? It’s your soul singing “La vie Bohème!” And this next bohemian style bag by Najash will answer the sing-song call to fall in love with one of the best bags of the moment. Please, let the spotlight shine on this the rising star and diva of the best bags and handbags: the Mochila Wayuu Kamsa Soul Pearl. Need the best support when traveling and going about town? You’ll find it with this bag as it is one of the most functional women’s handbags with its long and wide strap that will bear the weight of all your loot. Once again, you will be supporting indigenous communities in Colombia as the beautifully fashioned strap was crafted by artisans from the indigenous community Kamentsa living in Sibundoy Putumayo, which is nestled in the southwest of Colombia. Still, the cultural significance of one of the best bag trends does not end as the body of this mochila was inspired by a craftsmanship tradition passed down for hundreds of years by indigenous northeastern Colombian artisans from the La Guajira region. The beaded work and the shimmering Zamak hardware gold plated 24k would make any soul sing with delight.


With the dullness of trees losing their leaves and vibrancy, we here at Veranera know you are craving some color under that bleak umbrella. You will love our next choice that was one of our most sublime and eye-catching summer bags. All hail Najash for curating the finest women’s handbags and especially the Mochila Wayuu Embera Suusi. This bag will carry any weight and carries the ingenuity and beauty of two differing indigenous Colombian communities. The body and strap were handcrafted in a style that has lasted and thrived in the northeastern Colombian region of La Guajira for millions of years. Indigenous artisans from the Embera Chami Kurmado community in the west center of Colombia lovingly made the bright and inviting accessories, which are inspired by this community’s God Karavi. So much heart and meaning are invested in this bag that it transcends the title of one of the best bags and becomes one of the most inspiring bag trends. I’ll take two, how about you? 


Great things can come in small packages or small package holders welcome in one of the mightiest best bag trends Najash’s Bucket Capunia Black. It has everything to make it one of the best bags and one of the best summer bags to perfectly transfer its chicness over to autumn. It’s cold out, so this bag turns up the style heat with its beautifully handwoven look and trend setting geometric-figure design that will outshine all the other muted women’s handbags. It’s tiny and cute with its wide short strap and it carries significance along with your essential items as the bag was made by indigenous artisans living in the northeastern Colombian region of La Guajira. Additionally, the chic accessories were inspired by the deity Karavi and were crafted by the indigenous artisans from the Embera Chami Kurmado community in the west center of Colombia. You’ll definitely make your mark by totting along this priceless piece of art.


Welcome the newest additions to your closet and the finishing touches to your enviable outfits the summer bags that thrive in any season and present the best artistry: crochet bags

Najash has the perfect little number to add to your wardrobe that will always score a ten out of ten in the best bag trends department. The Mini Mochila Silver Gold harnesses a delicate over-a-million-years-old crochet technique passed down by indigenous artisans living in the northeastern Colombian region of La Guajira. This bag adds a bit of glamour with its Zamak hardware gold plated 24k. So, add a little shine with one of the best handbags that glisten. 


Next, welcome back to the forefront of our topic of great summer bags and best bags in general, the fine bag crafters Najash offering the chicest bag trends and finest women’s handbags. Luckily, on their roster is another crochet masterpiece that takes its cue from crochet techniques that have been passed down for thousands of years. Feast your eyes and fill your closets with the ever fabulous and one of the most coveted women’s handbags the Tula Gold. This bag would seem fashioned by the gods themselves. However, their artistry can be attributed to the divinely creative indigenous artisans living in the northeastern Colombian region of La Guajira. This white Tula style handmade bag has desirable gold applications across the bag and strap with a simple and easy drawstring closure that features fun and stylish tassels. Enjoy traveling along with this fun find.

 We know that a true Veranera woman always champions necessity and style. She knows everything that adorns her body is classic, chic, and fully expresses her timeless style, so why not her handbags too? Go forth in style, Veranera fashionista!

By Marcelis Elizabeth Campo

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